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Strange Taxes from Around the Nation

  • 23 March 2016
  • Author: Cari Holbrook
  • Number of views: 2555
Strange Taxes from Around the Nation

With tax season in full swing, there’s a chance you may need your mood lightened. If so, enjoy this roundup of crazy taxes from around this great nation.

  • Alabama had a 10 percent tax on decks of playing cards until last year. But, in order to sell the cards, each retailer must obtain a playing card privilege license.
  • In Arkansas, the more hair, the better. The state charges a 6 percent tax on electrolysis (as well as on tattoos and body piercings).
  • In California, picking sliced applies or fruit salad from a vending machine instead of buying it at a grocery store costs you 33 percent more in taxes.
  • In Colorado, “nonessential” packaging is subject to a 2.9 percent tax. And while a to-go coffee cup is considered essential, the lid is not. If you don’t like to pay the extra tax, be sure to slow down before stopping your car at a red light. OUCH!
  • In Florida, a sales tax holiday was created that includes random items like fanny packs, bowling shoes, school supplies, vests, and other oddly matched items.
  • Illinois has a 5 percent tax on candy on top of the 1 percent food tax, but there’s a loophole. Candy with flour as an ingredient is considered ordinary food. That’s the difference between a Kit Kat bar (no extra tax) and M&Ms (add the 5 percent tax).
  • Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey exempt pumpkins from sales tax but only if they will be eaten and not carved. “How do you intend to use that pumpkin, ma’am?”
  • In Kansas, riding a balloon that’s tethered to the ground is subject to the amusement tax. If it’s not tethered, it’s considered transportation, and it’s tax free.
  • Maine has good reason to tax blueberries an extra 1.5 cents per pound: The money goes toward promoting and researching wild blueberries and supporting the Wild Blueberry Association of North America.
  • New Mexico offers a special birthday gift for those turning 100 years old: state tax exemption! (As long as you’ve lived in the state for six months or more.)
  • New York is serious about its bagels. While an uncut bagel is tax exempt, the state adds an 8-cent tax to any altered bagels.
  • Tennessee requires drug dealers to anonymously pay taxes on any illegal substances they sell.
  • In Texas, belt buckles are subject to taxation. But an ordinary belt and some cowboy boots to match? Those items are tax-free, partner.
  • Wisconsin is one of the few states that levies a tax on internet access. When dial-up was a popular method of getting online, there was double taxation because phone calls were also taxed.

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