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Steven Bankler Featured in New Book on Changing the Face of Accounting

  • 28 June 2017
  • Author: Alexander Carr
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Steven Bankler Featured in New Book on Changing the Face of Accounting

We’re thrilled to announce that Steven Bankler is featured in Ian Welham’s new book entitled Changing the Face of Accounting: Forward Thinking Conversations About Reinventing the CPA Field. Welham dedicated an entire chapter to Steven, featuring an interview that highlights the many ways in which Steven Bankler, CPA, Ltd. does things differently from typical CPA firms.

The special chapter covers Steven’s thinking behind the firm’s registered trademarks We Solve Problems®, Our Job is to Put Money in Your Pocket!® and our ANOTHER PROFIT CENTER® service.

“I’ve had people ask me who’s my competition. I tell them I don’t have any,” Steven states in the book. “If you want a standard CPA practice, you’re in the wrong place, because we’re not them.”

Steven explains how and why he created a firm that put clients AND employees first, unapologetically focusing on a very niche group of closely held businesses and fostering an environment in which his team has time to create fresh ideas for clients.

“Every CPA firm that I know of is busy as can be,” Steven states in the book. “The philosophy that I adopted a long time ago is, I never want to be so busy I don’t have time to read or think. Our people don’t work more than 40 hours a week year-round. We close Friday at noon year-round, [so we] have time to think. That’s what we sell. We sell creativity, and we sell service. Our job…includes putting information on a tax return but…that’s not why clients are paying us. They’re paying us to do the work before it’s a tax return.”

For more on Steven’s thoughts when it comes to his unique approach to accounting, the secrets to his 40-year success in the business and his predictions for the future of the profession, please contact us to request a copy of this book. If you wish to gain additional insights into new accounting techniques, tune into Welham’s The Accounting Success Podcast, which airs weekly
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